My Philosophy

Born into a network of relations to others and to oneself, the nature of human beings is a communicative one. In human relationships they seek for exchange, want to be heard and answered.

Thereby our language and expression become a matter of special importance. Manifold are the ways in which we show ourselves and communicate with each other: we talk, we write and we move. What we tell can be very complex. Many messages are not explicit and don’t want to be. All that makes communication so interesting.

I accompany processes of change and help you to discover your creative potentials, to bring your heart and mind in balance. I effectively support you to come to a clarity you can live as well as to develop your personal style the way that your inner attitude and your outer action combine to a harmonious whole. The direction is yours to choose, I facilitate the process.

I work exactly and well-structured with an eye for many details. Anyhow I’m not seeking perfection; it has to fit. Irregularities and alterations do have their charmes. They give us the possibility to find something and to ask questions. We can trace it, be part of the miracle of life. Be alive.